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We review many different things: games, movies, TV shows, wrestling events/DVDs, technology, tea, board games, and so on. We believe it’s best to have a unified review scale for everything, as that makes everything consistent.

We have settled on a permanent review scale that we feel best gives our reviewers the flexibility to accurately score an item based on their true feelings of the product.

No silly averages where one less than important category can artificially inflate a score, and no 100% scale where people are left wondering what exactly the difference is between an 8.8 and an 8.9.

We use a five-star scale, and one that includes zero stars in extreme cases that we hope to never have to use.

Star Ratings Representation

You’ll notice that both 2 stars and 3 stars have two meanings, and for that we say read the review. On average, most reviews will probably end up being in middle there, the two-to-three-star range. If we operated on a full five-star scale, one that includes half stars as we once did, then 3 and 1/2 would be “good” while just 3 would be “satisfying.”

We don’t use half stars anymore because outside of those two middle instances, we don’t fill they add much. They serve to complicate, and if we used them then we might as well be on a 10-point scale. We’ve tried many different systems, and ultimately believe that the fewer ratings available the easier the standard is to see.

For all intents and purposes, we should only have five possible stars. Excellent doesn’t mean perfect, and so they aren’t overly rare, but if you see us give zero stars to something then you know that something has gone terribly wrong.

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