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LootPlex was founded in April 2022, officially launching on April 25th.

This site is the direct successor to Vortainment (once known as Vortex Effect), which operated from April 2011 to April 2022.

Like Vortainment before it, LootPlex.com is an entertainment blog with a focus on video games and pro wrestling. While those are focus topics, you’ll find all sorts of stuff covered on the site.

What Is “LootPlex?”

The name comes about from looters (my favorite type of game) and suplexes (wrestling moves). My favorite game for a long time was Destiny (a looter shooter) and my all-time wrestler is the late “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. Curt’s finishing move was called the Perfect-plex. Thus, the name, LootPlex.

LootPlex is an opinionated gaming/wrestling/entertainment site; an independent alternative to the corporate “mainstream” gaming sites that hype up games with previews and recycle press releases.

But we’re not an extension of publishers peddling garbage to you. We deal very little with publishers and PR in general; our job doesn’t entail rewording or just flat-out posting press releases. Besides, why waste our time doing that when big gaming sites do that and get all the visitors?

We review games and write opinion pieces. But we also review movies, books, and other products. We cover wrestling with reviews and opinion pieces, show previews, and sometimes wrestling news. We’re also moving into other fields of original content, like video content (subscribe to us on YouTube) and soon live streaming games on Twitch (follow us here). Podcasts are a possibility in the future.

About LootPlex.com

We’re a laid-back kind of site. I know, that probably bothers some people who think everything needs to be professionally done or whatever, but that’s just how we roll.

No one here pretends to be an authority on anything; we’re just gamers who like to talk about gaming.

You’ll find that we have times where there are a bunch of updates a day followed by periods of times where there might be only one or two things posted a week. Again, we do it for the fun and when we have something to say.

We do things our own way, and really that’s how everyone should do things. You’ll either like us or you won’t, either way is fine, and we won’t be changing it up regardless. We’re laid back here, maybe too laid back, but we are what we are, and we aren’t changing.

We’re also non-PC, non-SJW and so there’s your trigger warning if you need one. While political stuff is usually relegated to the Xtra category, we consider LootPlex to be a Christian Conservative entertainment site.

Contact Us and Get Social

If you’ve ever considered writing about video games or wrestling, drop us a line and a writing sample through our contact page. We’re always looking for guys and gals who can offer fresh content (even non-gaming related) to the site. The only thing we require is the ability to write. All positions are unpaid of course (we’re on WordPress.com at the moment after all, so none of us are making anything off of this site), but if you’re dedicated and do well you very well may receive some games/materials to review.

You can check out the full breakdown of our five-star review scale, as well as our review guidelines, by clicking here. Also, unlike most gaming sites, we have an Ethics Statement which you can read here.

If you are an independent game developer or publisher, feel free to contact us through the above linked contact page. We’re definitely open to talking about your game provided it seems interesting to us.

If you like us, do us a favor and follow us (on WordPress.com) or subscribe to our RSS… nothing makes us happier than seeing that we have a new follower (well maybe if you engage with us respectfully in the comments and the forums, we love that too!).

While you’re at, we’re all-over social media so be sure to follow/subscribe/like or whatever else you want to call it on the social media platforms listed below.

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