Avowed Dazzles in New Gameplay Trailer, Arrives in 2024


Obsidian Entertainment premiered a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming RPG, Avowed, at the Xbox Game Showcase today.

Check out the trailer below and learn more about Avowed from the Xbox Wire.

Expanding the universe that we created for the original Pillars of Eternity games, Avowed brings a new perspective, a new way to fight, and a new land to explore in the world of Eora. The Pillars games are near and dear to us and we can’t wait to share Avowed with everyone next year.

In Avowed, you’ll explore the Living Lands, a plagued, wild island set in the world of Eora. The Living Lands are full of mysteries and secrets, danger and adventure, and choice and consequences.

Unique to the world of Eora, the Living Lands is home to bustling port towns and rolling hills adorned with weird and fantastical plant life. Every part of the Living Lands is home to its own ecosystem. Around every corner there are creatures, sentient mushrooms, or tribes of lizard-like Xaurips looking to make you their next meal…

As with all our past RPGs, the companions in Avowed play a major role in your adventure. The first companion you will find is Kai, the narrator of this gameplay trailer. Kai is a Coastal Aumaua currently residing in the Living Lands and is one of the only friendly faces you’ll find here. He is a former soldier, and his idealistic and pragmatic temperament will help guide you as you venture out into this wild frontier.

First-person combat has been a huge focus for us. We’ve incorporated a host of ways for players to fight the flora and fauna of the Living Lands. You will have swords, shields, pistols, magical spells, and more at your disposal, including the ability to dual wield, creating a vast number of combinations to choose from.

With combat so full of possibility, diversity in choice will be needed as you explore the treacherous Living Lands. Home to the Xuarips, plagued undead, and dangerous flora, this island is full of unique enemies to encounter.

Avowed is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2024 and will of course be available Day One on Game Pass.

Patriot’s Point:  This looks excellent and was game of the show up until the Starfield direct. I had high hopes when this was first announced given who was developing it, and seeing this gameplay keeps those hopes high. This is a big one for Microsoft.

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