Destiny 2 IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3 God Roll Guide

Destiny 2 Ikelos SMG V1.0.3 God Roll Guide

Destiny 2‘s 19th season, Season of the Seraph, has brought us new Seraph weapons and some returning Warmind favorites.

For the third time in Destiny 2, the IKELOS weapons have been reissued.

The IKELOS weapons can generate Warmind Cells, for those who still use those mods, and with v1.0.3 they have an all-new perk pool and of course now have an Origin Trait.

How to Acquire IKELOS Weapons

In season 19, the way to acquire the four IKELOS weapons is via combining Resonant Stems in the Resonance Amp and opening the Warmind Node wherever the Amp tells you the signal is located at. Resonant Stems drop from playlist activities and the seasonal Heist: Battlegrounds Seraph Chest.

The weapon you get via the Resonance Amp method will be random.

Doing Seasonal Challenges will award you Exo Frame Modules that you can use at Clovis Bray in the HELM to upgrade the Exo Frame. One of the perks you can get early from this is the ability to focus individual IKELOS weapons.

To do so, you’ll need an Umbral Engram, 50 Legendary Shards, 30 Seraphic Umbral Energy, and 4 Resonate Stems. You get Seraphic Umbral Energy from the opening the locked Seraph Chest at the end of Heist Battlegrounds.

You can use Umbral Engrams to acquire a random IKELOS weapon at the Exo Frame for a significantly reduced price over the targeted method. It cost just 1 Umbral Engram, 25 Legendary Shards, and 4 Resonate Stem. But again, it’s random which weapon you get.

Eventually, you’ll unlock an upgrade at the Exo Frame that will allow you get a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance IKELOS weapon via either random focusing or targeted focusing. Each of the four weapons require five Deepsight versions to unlock the pattern, but eventually you’ll be able to craft your godroll.

IKELOS SMG V1.0.3 PvE God Roll

For our first God Roll Guide of Season 19, we’re looking at a weapon that has been a beast since it was first released way back in early 2018 with the Warmind episode… the IKELOS SMG V1.0.3.

Destiny 2 IKELOS SMG V1.0.3 God Roll PvE

The Barrel is your personal preference and based on whether you play PC or console/controller. I like Smallbore, just for the +7 to both Range and Stability.

With the Magazine, we have some solid options. You can go Flared Magwell, Accurized Rounds or Tactical Mag. However, the best option is the IKELOS weapons exclusive perk Seraph Rounds. That combines the ricochet from Ricochet Rounds and the flinch from High-Caliber Rounds, all while giving a +3 to Range and +7 to Stability.

Trait 1 has three strong options. Unfortunately, V1.0.3 can’t roll Subsistence like V1.0.2 could. But that’s not important because we’re taking Feeding Frenzy for the trait here. You’re going to be mowing threw adds and reloading frequently to proc our Trait 2 choice. Besides Feeding Frenzy, you also have Threat Detector and Perpetual Motion, both of which are great options and will be some folk’s preference just for the stability increases as well. Threat Detector is especially useful in content with the Blackout modifier.

Trait 2 has three more solid options to choose from for PvE content. The clear-cut winner is Voltshot, just for the efficiency of clearing adds that much faster. Combined with Feeding Frenzy, it’s just insane. Your other options here are Frenzy and even better, since you’ll always be close, Surrounded. Surrounded got buffed this season with the Surrounded Spec mod combined into the base perk. Enhance the perk for even more of a damage increase.

For Masterwork, preference for either Range or Stability. I play on PS5, I’d go with Stability personally.

A real God Roll would be one with all of these perks, but with Trait 2 having both Voltshot and Surrounded to switch between depending on the content you’re doing.

There are better PvP options, but if you insist, I’d go with the same for the first two trees, then Perpetual Motion and Tap the Trigger (you could also do Rangefinder).

The IKELOS SMG V1.0.3 is once again one of, if not the, strongest primary weapons in Destiny 2. It’s definitely worth grinding for this season while you have a chance to get it.

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