EA Sports College Football Releases Summer 2024

EA Sports College Football

ESPN spoke with EA Sports‘ vice president and general manager Daryl Holt about the upcoming EA Sports College Football game. And we now know a release window for the highly anticipated title: Summer 2024.

At one point it was rumored the game would launch in 2023, so if you were hoping for that to be true (as I was) then this is a little disappointing.

Holt noted that it was taking time due to the “enormous undertaking of creating the game from scratch,” while building a “very immersive college football experience.”

The game will be made using the Frostbite engine, just like EA’s Madden NFL games. However, fear not the College Football game will not be a college skinned Madden clone. It’s being developed by a separate studio, and Holt noted the two groups are competing with one another.

Confirmed to be in the new game when it launches will be returning fan-favorite modes Dynasty and Road to Glory.

The game will feature at least 120 schools. Currently there are 131 schools in FBS football, and not all have signed on. No word yet on which schools remain not signed on. Also, no comment on Notre Dame being in it after the school announced in 2021 that it would not be a part of it unless the players benefitted from it.

With the Name, Image and Likeness rules fleshed out, EA Sports is looking to include real college football players in the game. Of course, any real players appearing in the game will be compensated.

You can read more about the upcoming game here.

Smith’s Sentiment: I was hoping for a 2023 release, but there’s no need to rush it. It will have been a decade, make it the best game it can be. I just want a good playing, simple college football game. A good Dynasty mode with a good recruitying system. My fear is some of it will take a backseat to work on Ultimate Team stuff and finding new ways to squeeze money of out folks via that mode.

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