The Great Reset Must Fail – The Sooner, The Better

Great Reset must fail

This week’s LootPlex Xtra! Video of the Week comes to us from one of the greatest politicians and statesmen in United States history, the good doctor himself, Ron Paul.

You can watch Dr. Ron Paul’s Liberty Report on Rumble and YouTube.

Those who could never “structure” the world, have no chance of “restructuring” it. Those who could never “set” our world in place, have no chance of “resetting” it either. The idea that human beings (or their technologies) can control the world and everything in it, is both illogical and dangerously irrational. The problem is not in proving why ideas like the “Great Reset” cannot work. That’s the easy part. The problem is in limiting the amount of economic damage and human suffering that such reckless pursuits needlessly cause.

Smith’s Sentiment: Dr. Paul is, as always, spot on here. The WEF should be designated a terrorist organization and Schwab and his goons should be under Gitmo. And anyone who can stomach listening to Schwab or Bill Gates and think that what they’re spewing sounds like a good idea should also join them.

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