WarGames Comes to WWE Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series WarGames

Triple H continues to shake things up in WWE in a very good way.

The Game spoke with TheRinger.com about this year’s Survivor Series and two huge changes the annual Fall event will see.

Triple H announced that this year’s Survivor Series would be storyline driven and a RAW vs. Smackdown event. Beyond that, he also announced that Survivor Series will see the main roster debut of the WarGames match.

There will be two WarGames matches happening at Survivor Series, a men’s and a women’s.

Survivor Series takes place on Saturday, November 26th from TD Garden in Boston, MA.

For more, check out TheRinger.com.

Smith’s Sentiment: This is fantastic news all around. I hated the annual RAW vs Smackdown theme. Everything was meaningless, and especially so since it happened shortly after the draft. WarGames is one of my favorite match types, so I am especially excited to see it take center stage at a flagship WWE premium live event. I assume this means we probably won’t see an NXT WarGames, although I hope that’s not the case.

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