Watch the Destiny 2 Lightfall Trailer

Destiny 2 Lightfall

Bungie has revealed Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall.

Destiny 2’s sixth year kicks off on February 28, 2023 with the release of Lightfall, available now for pre-order.

Check out the trailer below:


Shattered glass glints in the starlight. Soldiers of the Shadow Legion battle with Guardians under the unmistakable shadows of the fleet overhead—the Witness and its newest Disciple are here. Amid the chaos, begin a journey that will reveal the hidden threads that bind us, the ability to unravel them, and the mastery to weave them anew. With this new power in hand, find strength in your fellow Guardians and triumph in the face of impossibility; Legendary mode returns.


Travel to a destination unlike any you’ve explored in Destiny 2. Cross paths with bone-chilling Tormentors and valiant Cloud Striders, join the fight against the Shadow Legion, and prevent devastation in the technologically advanced secret city of Neomuna.


Reach into the Darkness and pluck at the threads of consciousness.

Warlock Architect – Architects effortlessly manipulate the Weave using only their mind. From the backline, these telekinetic sorcerers can even twist Strand into sentient creatures to do their bidding.

Hunter Threadrunner – Masters of movement, speed, and grace. The city is a Threadrunner’s playground as they grasp threads and weave new ones to dart through the air, finding the fastest way between two points.

Titan Tyrant – Untamed and wild, Tyrants tear at Strand to manifest claws they use to sever their targets from the Weave. Leaping into harm’s way with wild abandon, the line no one crosses is drawn by a Tyrant.


Stand against overwhelming odds, soar through the cityscape, search for locked-away technology, and master new powers to save humanity.

Phosphorescent Pandemonium – Enemy forces are invading Neomuna. Confront them throughout the city, team up with fellow Guardians, and no matter how frenzied things get, hold the line—it’s showtime.

New Raid – A haunting presence has been detected within [REDACTED]. Guardians must explore the mystery and discover everything they can about this threat.

Lightfall Dungeon Key – Two pinnacle challenges await Lightfall + Annual Pass owners. Unlock the Season 21 and Season 23 dungeons, each with its own Exotic weapon and collection of rewards to earn.


Cloud Strider weaponry that has somehow been reshaped and found its way into our hands. We don’t pretend to understand nanite technology, but what we do know is that we have no record of another Auto Rifle that turns into a Rocket Launcher that turns into a Grenade Launcher.

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