Destiny 2’s Artifact Mods for Season 18

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Subclass

Yesterday, Bungie did the Destiny 2 community a solid and released most information about Arc 3.0 before the update drops on the 23rd.

Today, in the TWAB, they’ve done us another solid by revealing what the Artifact mods will be for Season 18.

Some favorite champion mods are returning, including Overload Bow and Anti-Barrier Sniper, along with some Arc/Precision/Machine gun focused mods.

From the TWAB:

We’ve got a lot of love for Machine Guns, and with the weapon meta featuring them heavily with the new Season, we have several ways to share that love when crafting that perfect new Arc build. With Arc 3.0 being all about that rapid-fire mayhem, making mods like Holster, Scavenger, and Overload more obtainable and unlocked sooner seemed like a great fit.

There’s a trifecta of returning favorites from Season of the Chosen: Scout/Sniper Targeting, Anti-Barrier Sniper, and Sundering Glare. We’re excited about these especially because players have been clamoring for the return of Anti-Barrier Sniper, and this Season’s meta and encounter types made it the perfect time to add it in.

One of the new mods we’re featuring is Bad Amplitude. We created this particular mod to increase access to jolt in Season 18 while also giving players a new answer to the age-old question: “How can I make Champions explode?”

Hype Train Conductor and Trace Evidence are also new to the artifact, though these two mods will make more sense when you have had some hands-on time with Arc 3.0.

First row:  After two perk choices: After four perk choices: After eight perk choices: After ten perk choices:
Overload Bows (Arms) Scout Rifle Loader (Arms) Glaive Loader (Arms) **Overload LMG (Arms):* Uninterrupted fire from equipped Machine Guns will stun enemies with a beam that delays energy regeneration and reduces enemy damage output. Strong against Overload Champions. * Thunderous Retort (Class): Arc Supers do more damage when cast while in critical condition or while *amplified*
Unstoppable Pulse Rifles (Arms) Sword Ammo Scavengers (Legs) **Focusing Strike (Arms):* Causing damage with a melee ability grants class ability energy* Anti-Barrier Snipers (Arms) **Hype Train Conductor (Class):* +2 seconds to amplified timer. Stacks.*
Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles (Arms) **Machine Gun Holster (Legs):* Gradually reloads stowed Machine Guns over time. Stacks. * Combo Arc + Solar Resist (Chest) **Bad Amplitude (Class):* Damaging a Champion with an Arc ability causes the Champion to become jolted. * **Trace Evidence (Class):* Precision hits on Arc debuffed targets will generate Ionic Traces. *
Anti-Barrier Auto Rifles (Arms) Scout and Sniper Targeting (Head) Machine Gun Ammo Scavenger (Legs)  Surge Detonators (Class) Lightning Strikes Twice (Class) 
Unstoppable Shotguns (Arms)  **Bottomless Bounty 1 (Head):* Improves two Origin Perks. * **Bottomless Bounty 2 (Head):* Improves two Origin perks. * Inferno Whip (Class) Sundering Glare (Class)

Lighting Strikes Twice was an artifact before. Back then, and it probably hasn’t changed, it cost 7 energy to equip in the class item slot. After throwing an Arc grenade, gain increased recharge for a short time. Arc final blows extend the duration of this benefit.

With Sundering Glare, when you are at least 40m away from a target, rapid precision hits against them weaken them for a short duration. The debuff lasted for about 12 seconds and the target took 20% more damage.

Smith’s Sentiment: I’m thrilled they finally released Artifact mods ahead of the season. Makes theory crafting easier, plus it’s just nice to know when thinking about what loadouts you might want to get ready. There’s a lot of stuff that seems like it would be great to use and synergistic, with the various mods like Sundering Glare and arc weapons. I’m thinking Cloudstrike, Trinity Ghoul, Symmetry, and Thunderlord for sure are going to be exotics worth considering. Even thinking of busting Anarchy back out. Looking forward to Tuesday!

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