NXT Level Up 8/5/22 Preview

NXT Level Up 8/5/22

Tonight, NXT is back with an action-packed half-hour of wrestling on a new episode of NXT Level Up.

Here’s what has been announced for tonight’s show:

– Thea Hail takes on Arianna Grace

– Dante Chen and Guru Raaj battle Bryson Montana and Damaris Griffin

– Xyon Quinn faces Invictus Khash

NXT Level Up airs tonight at 9pm CT immediately following Smackdown on Peacock!

Smith’s Sentiment: LOVE Arianna Grace, and Thea Hail too, so I’m absolutely looking forward to that. Should be a fun match between two of the women with incredibly bright futures in WWE. Thea’s getting the push now as part of Chase U, but they need to start pushing Arianna a lot more and giving her some wins. Arianna is the complete package. As always, looking forward to the best weekly wrestling show around, NXT Level Up!

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