Bungie Details New Eruption Clash Mode for Season 18’s Iron Banner

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 18

Destiny 2‘s 18th season begins on August 23rd. While the upcoming season is still REDACTED, we now know what’s in store for the Iron Banner PvP event.

Season 17 saw the return of Rift to Destiny as the Iron Banner mode, albeit with some changes. Rift will return in Season 18 as part of the Weekly Rotator.

A new mode, Eruption Clash, will be the mode for Iron Banner throughout Season 18.

Principal Designer Alan Blaine detailed the new mode in today’s This Week at Bungie blog:

Eruption Clash

Hi everyone. Now that Iron Banner is officially wrapped for Season of the Haunted, let’s talk about what we’ve learned, as well as plans for the next Season and the future!

First up, we’re adding the ability to gild the Iron Lord Seal with the next batch of matches in Valus Forge’s honor.

As for what else is new in Season 18, let’s talk about streaks. When we started working on Season 18’s Iron Banner, well before we launched Rift, we knew we wanted to come back to something more familiar after a Season of objective-based gameplay. Some of you have been asking to play Clash in Iron Banner for a while, so we decided to start there. With that aside, we still needed that Iron Banner twist—the thing that makes it feel unique.

The core vision started with a conversation that sounded like, “What if when you went on kill streaks, Saladin shouted, ‘He’s on fire!’ and you lit on fire? And maybe when you got a kill, he shouted, ‘BOOMSHAKALAKA!’.” And from that chaotic conversation, Eruption was born.

What is Eruption? Eruption is Clash with energy boosts based on kill streaks. It was affectionately called Streak Mayhem internally before we gave it a real name. During Eruption, killing your opponents scores one point and a normal amount of energy. After that, when you get your second elimination in a row without dying (assists count too!), you become “Surging.”

  • You start lightly glowing.
  • Kills start generating 10% Super energy and 20% grenade, melee, and class energy.
  • You score 3 points per kill.

When you get your fifth kill without dying, then you become “Primed.”

  • You begin glowing brightly!
  • Your team goes on the Hunt.
    • Everyone on the team gains 5%Super and 10% grenade, melee, and class energy.
  • You now gain 12% Super and 5% grenade, melee, and class energy per kill.
  • You score 3 points per kill.

Sounds great, right? So, who wouldn’t want to be Primed? Well…

  • You also have a 15-second timer on you.
    • If the timer reaches 0, you erupt.
      • Erupting kills you, which resets your streak and ends the Hunt.
    • Getting a kill resets the Eruptions timer back to 15 seconds.
  • You are then marked for both teams, so everyone can see right where you are.
  • The other team gets 3 points for killing you.
    • Choices.
  • More than one player can be Primed at a time.

We are excited to get Eruption into everyone’s hands, and we hope it continues to illustrate our desire to bring new and unique experiences to the Crucible and Iron Banner. One of the things we learned with Rift in this current Season is if we have a brand-new mode (like the most recent iteration of Rift), introducing it to everyone in a high-focus environment first highlights inevitable issues that any multiplayer game has. Instead, we are going to be moving forward with the Zone Control plan, introducing it as low-pressure Crucible Labs first to make sure it performs as intended in a real-world setting. Then, and only then, do we bring the new mode to Iron Banner, albeit with a unique twist.

We will definitely come back to Control and Rift for Iron Banner in the future but expect a familiar mode with a unique experience in Season 19. In the meantime, let’s talk Rift.

Think Rift, But Make It Crucible

Rift won’t be in Iron Banner for Season 18, but that doesn’t mean this mode is gone forever. Most of you will be happy to hear that Rift will now have more standard overtime rules. For those who may not know what exactly that means, overtime is that added time put on the clock to give teams a shot at breaking any tie that may be in place. It also gives us Titans a fair shake to just go ham with those fiery hammers and hope for the best (just being honest).

Alan is back with even more details about what players can expect, including lessons learned from the rebirth of Iron Banner.

Alan Blaine: Season of the Haunted ushered in a new era of Iron Banner, starting with Rift. While the first week had a rocky start, by the end, many players were starting to develop new tactics and strategies for the mode, and the weekend games were some of the closest and well-played. Then the second week rolled around, and we fixed (most of) the bugs and everyone had a great time, right?

We all know that change can be hard—especially unexpected change. Communicating changes that we don’t know will work out, communicating future plans when there’s no hard date, and balancing between opposing player bases all contribute to the complexity of the PvP-verse in Destiny 2, but this is the wonderful conundrum we are committed to. For now, this is what we’re happy to share with players, and we think a lot of this information is going to be exciting for many of you.

Time for some fun data: 1.5 million players played at least one match of Rift, and over 300k of you managed to reset your rank (and 150k reset it twice!). We definitely hit a few people just right—one player reset their rank 17 times last Season (in only 55 hours in-game!), and another played over 133 hours of Rift during Season 17.

The community was also able to expose some flaws in the mode. We’ve already had a number of fixes go live in Rift, like making it so games ended properly if a Spark was dunked late, or that the Spark could always be picked up. We also made a few tuning changes, such as when we added a 3-score Mercy rule, as well as when we dropped the base mode time to 8 minutes.

The number of matches that fully went to time dropped by 10 percent, and we went from having no Mercy criteria to 1/3 of matches ending in Mercy (at 3-0 or 4-1).

One of my favorite things about the new era of Iron Banner is the new rules we are going to be bringing in each Season. While Rift won’t be in Iron Banner next Season, it will be in a weekly rotator in the Crucible:

  • Available to play Week 1, 8, and 14, as well as a Private Match.
    • Private Match is where you can play any map you want, even the unbalanced/asymmetrical maps.
  • Alongside the more standard overtime rules, we also expect Multispark to return in a future Season.
  • AFK protections have been updated to utilize Rift-specific events.
  • Later this Season: We fixed a bug that didn’t allow you to always immediately dunk the Spark if you picked it up too close to the Rift.

For future Seasons: 

  • Explorations with 3v3 Rift.
    • Allows use of smaller maps like Wormhaven.
    • May also allow us to use slightly asymmetrical maps like Burnout.
  • Fixing scenarios where one team can play keep away with the Spark longer than intended.
  • Lessening the black screen time after scores.
  • Further measures to discourage overt kill-farming.

Drop a comment, let us know what you think!

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