XNB: Dad Accuses Waterpark of Fat Shaming Daughter

Raging Rivers

This is Xtra News Beat comes from News.co.au about an incident in Illinois regarding an overweight teen girl at a waterpark.

A man in the US state of Illinois has slammed a local water park after staff allegedly “publicly humiliated” his 13-year-old because of her weight.

Andrew Batton told Missouri TV station KMOV that he’d visited the Raging Rivers Waterpark with his family, where his daughter was looking forward to riding a new ride called the Mississippi Monster Slide.

When the teen got to the top of the hill to ride the attraction, however, a worker asked her to hop on a scale in front of strangers because it had a weight limit of 90kg (200 pounds).

“The guy looked at us and to my daughter and said, ‘You need to step on the scale’. She steps on the scale and she’s 205,” Mr Batton said, meaning she wasn’t allowed on.

The dad, whose family are season ticket holders for the waterpark, added that there were no signs indicating a weight limit for the ride.

“I was like, ‘There’s nothing on the media about that. Was this posted anywhere?’ [The worker] was like, ‘No. We’ve had some people getting hurt so we’re limiting the weight on the ride’,” Mr Batton said.

The incident left his daughter with “tears … in her eyes”.

“The disappointment that she felt by not being able to ride the brand-new ride was definitely overshadowed by the public humiliation of being asked to step on a scale,” he said.

“Then further than that, being told that you’re overweight.

“We as parents now have to undo the emotional damage that this corporate company caused us.”

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Smith’s Sentiment: This dad and his wife need to worry less about the emotional damage that this “corporate company” has caused, and more about the emotional and physical damage that they’re causing.

The dad seems to be a big fella himself, and I imagine the wife probably is too.

While I’m not a fan of humiliation, especially public humiliation, asking to step on a scale doesn’t really qualify as that. Perhaps this girl needed to be told she was overweight. She’s 205 at 13, that’s a result of diet and lifestyle from the parents.

While I can sympathize with her, maybe this encounter could motivate her to lose five pounds (and then more!) to be able to get on the slide. But probably not once the parents get done coddling her and telling her how she’s perfect.

Meanwhile, had the young lady gone on the slide and gotten hurt for being over the weight limit (and gotten others hurt in the process), this dad would no doubt be blaming that on the waterpark as well.

It sucks for the girl, but this is a case where the water park didn’t do anything wrong. Literally just following safety regulations.

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