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NXT Level Up 6/17/22 Preview

NXT Level Up 6/17/22

Tonight, NXT is back with an action-packed half-hour of wrestling on a new episode of NXT Level Up.

Here’s what has been announced for tonight’s show:

– Ivy Nile takes on Elektra Lopez

Arianna Grace battles Thea Hail

– Guru Raaj faces Myles Borne

NXT Level Up streams tonight on Peacock at 9pm CT immediately following Smackdown.

Smith’s Sentiment: Nice line-up for Level Up. Looking forward to Arianna and Thea. I say it every week, but Arianna is my favorite in NXT’s women’s division right now. Besides Io, but she’s injured. Arianna just gets better and better and will be a big star in WWE. Same can be said for Thea Hail, who is only 18, just graduated high school, and is already pretty solid in the ring. Should be a fun match.

Nile and Lopez should be quite good as well. Nile just had an amazing match on NXT UK last week against Meiko Satomura. This match with Lopez won’t be on that level, obviously, but it should still be a good one as Lopez has much improved herself.

Finally, Borne is a newcomer with a lot of potential, so looking forward to that one as well. If you don’t watch NXT Level Up, tonight would be a good one to start with. Best half-hour of wrestling you’re going to find.

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