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NXT Level Up 6/10/22 Results

NXT Level Up 6/10/22

Here are the results from tonight’s episode of NXT Level Up:

– Valentina Feroz defeated Arianna Grace

– Sloane Jacobs defeated Sierra St. Pierre

– Ikemen Jiro defeated Dante Chen

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Smith’s Sentiment: Another great episode of NXT Level Up.  It’s a half-hour that just absolutely flies by.

Great showing from both Valentina Feroz and Arianna Grace. These two get better and better and should start making waves on NXT 2.0 sooner or later. Would love to see Feroz and Yulisa Leon be the ones to dethrone Toxic Attraction. Really good match though, as they say a hot opener in more ways than one.

Sloane Jacobs was impressive in her win, of course that was the point of that match. It was entirely a Sloane showcase match.

Jiro and Chen have good chemistry. Fun main event.

I can’t get over how much I adore Level Up. It’s a breath of fresh air. One hour is my preferred length for a wrestling TV show, but I really like this 30-minute format. It’s such a breeze, especially compared to the slog that two and three hours can often be.

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