NXT Level Up 6/10/22 Preview

NXT Level Up 6/10/22

Tonight, NXT is back with an action-packed half-hour of wrestling on a new episode of NXT Level Up.

Here’s what has been announced for tonight’s show:

– Ikemen Jiro faces Dante Chen

Valentina Feroz battles Arianna Grace

– Sloane Jacobs takes on Sierra St. Pierre

NXT Level Up streams tonight on Peacock at 9pm CT immediately following Smackdown.

Smith’s Sentiment: NXT has been doing tapings this week, and I think that’s thrown a lot of people off. This episode looks to be pieced together with matches taped at different times. Spoiler reports supposedly for tonight’s airing had Arianna Grace taking on Thea Hail for example. The card above should be the card that is shown considering it’s what WWE is advertising, and well I think they know what they’re going to be broadcasting tonight.

I don’t know anything about Sierra St. Pierre, and the WWE listing doesn’t even show her picture. So, looking forward to that match partially because I like Sloane Jacobs, but also because I’m interested in seeing who Sierra St. Pierre is.

Definitely looking forward to Feroz against Grace. Arianna is my favorite up and comer in NXT, so hoping she picks up the win. I love having Arianna on Level Up (it’s my favorite show, it’s just so quick), but I want to see more Arianna (and Feroz too) on NXT 2.0.

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