Bungie Reveals Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

Following an early reveal from PlayStation Japan, Bungie has revealed the 17th season of Destiny 2, Season of the Haunted.

The Leviathan, Calus’s once-opulent ship is now derelict and corrupted. It’s back in our galaxy, in the orbit above the Moon with its sights set on the dormant Pryamid ship.

As the Leviathan forms a connection with the Pyramid, Nightmares of the past awaken and threaten to torment any who dare intervene. Stare into the abyss and find bravery within the mantle of the reaper and the steel of the scythe.

To better respond to the imminent threat, the H.E.L.M. has engaged its mobile command center capabilities and is now running dark within the Moon’s orbit.

The new season will include a “scalable activity” within the Leviathan called “Nightmare Containment.” Evil resonates within the hull of the emperor’s wretched vessel. Summon the most challenging Nightmares and cleanse them with fire.

Nightmare Containment is free for all players.

Season pass holders will get access to weekly missions called “Sever” aboard the ship. Navigate the Leviathan’s labyrinthine Underbelly, uncover the truth behind Calus’s sinister plan, and sever the Nightmares he controls.

Nightmares & Splendor

Shiro-4’s exotic sidearm, Trespasser, returns to let lightning flash across the tarnished gold of the Leviathan’s twisted halls. Trespasser is a returning Destiny 1 exotic, having released as part of the Rise of Iron DLC.

Four opulent legendary weapons are also returning. Originally released during Season of Opulence, the Beloved (sniper), Austringer (hand cannon), Drang (sidearm) and Mini Tool (SMG) are back.

The new season is also brining some hauntingly beautiful legendary weapons to help defeat Nightmares. These new weapons are a trace rifle, rocket launcher, glaive, and a scout rifle. Of course there’s a new armor set as well.

Also free for all players is the Solar 3.0 subclass rework. Solar becomes the latest subclass to receive a complete redesign empowered by the ultra-customizable Aspects and Fragments system. Light the flames of creativity, discover new builds, and prove that there’s never a bad time to fight fire with fire.

Season of the Haunted begins tomorrow, May 24th, at reset (12pm CT) and will last until August 23rd.

Smith’s Sentiment: I’ve been on a somewhat lengthy (for me) break from Destiny; about two months. Looking forward to diving into this tomorrow and checking it out. Patch notes will be posted tomorrow. Can’t wait to get my hands on Drang (it’s one of my favorite PvP weapons) and the Trespasser. Of course most excited about the new dungeon coming Friday, but that’s a separate thing and isn’t included in the season pass.

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