Tyler Breeze Returns to Up Up Down Down

Tyler Breeze

Former WWE superstar Tyler Breeze is once again under the WWE umbrella, returning to the gaming YouTube channel Up Up Down Down.

Breeze will once again join Xavier Woods for the Battle of the Brands.

In Battle of the Brands, Woods and Breeze compete against one another as RAW and Smackdown General Managers to see who can run the best brand.

In the past, this has been done with Smackdown vs. RAW 2006. While it’s possible they could use WWE 2K22 this time, I would imagine it’ll still be the old game with the superior GM mode.

We’ll see soon enough as Battle of the Brands returns next Thursday.

Smith’s Sentiment: This is great. I always liked Tyler as a wrestler, but liked him even more for his Up Up Down Down stuff. He’s great that he’s seemingly been able to work something out with WWE to return to Up Up Down Down. While the channel was created by Xavier Woods, WWE owns it. Now if we could get Cesaro back on, that’d be great.

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