Destiny 2 Update 4.1.0 Patch Note Preview

Destiny 2 Updates

On Tuesday, May 24th, Bungie will release Destiny 2 Update 4.1.0 across all platforms.

This update will see the start of a new season and some sandbox changes, in addition to other stuff.

To prepare for the launch of Season of [REDACTED], Destiny 2 will undergo scheduled downtime from 9 AM PDT (1600 UTC) to 11 AM PDT (1800 UTC) on May 24. Below is the scheduled timeline for this release:

  • 9 AM PDT (1600 UTC): Maintenance is scheduled to begin.
  • 9:45 AM (1645 UTC): Destiny 2 is brought offline.
  • 10 AM (1700 UTC): Destiny 2 will be brought back online. Update 4.1.0 will be playable on all platforms and regions.
  • 11 AM (1800 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance is scheduled to complete.

For more information, please visit the Destiny Server and Update Status help article.

Here’s a preview of some of the changes coming in the update. Full patch notes will be posted on Tuesday:


  • Updated the Director navigation header to a new style to make it more scalable.
  • Fixed a visual bug on the Title Screen when playing with a screen aspect ratio greater than 16:9.
  • Fixed a logic bug that would sometimes show inaccurate informational text on the Bungie Name Change screen after a player had changed their name via
  • Improved the consistency with which PlayStation and Xbox platform rosters update the online status of platform friends.

Dares of Eternity 

  • Increased Strange Coins earned from the reward chest in Dares of Eternity from 1 to 3.
  • This does not affect the number of Strange Coins earned from Lightning Round chests.

Power and Progression 

  • Power Bands have been increased for the new Season:
    • Power Floor: 1350 (unchanged)
    • Soft Cap: 1510 (up from 1500)
    • Powerful Cap: 1560 (up from 1550)
    • Hard Cap: 1570 (up from 1560)
  • The Character Power Boost has been increased to 1510 with the new Soft Cap.

Vault Space 

  • Vault space has been increased by 100 (was 500, is now 600).
  • While we know this doesn’t enable players to save every single piece of loot in the game, the team was able to pull some strings and get a little more space for your vaults as they continue to investigate future solutions.


  • Xûr’s inventory should no longer be different if players manage to find him at destinations shortly after the weekly reset happens on Tuesday.
  • He will still reappear with new gifts from the Nine when he returns at his regularly scheduled time on Friday.
  • While his will is not his own, he needs a break each week—no more working overtime.


  • Scorn sniper damage brought in line (reduced) with other combatant sniper weapons.
    • Spread of projectiles increased to reduce instances of multiple projectiles hitting players.

Smith’s Sentiment: I really, really wish they would just do away with the power level nonsense. It’s only purpose is to serve as a source of frustration. If you can’t make pinnacles guarantee a slot upgrade, then do away with it. Just do away with it anyway. It’s so tedious and unfun. Sorry, I’ll always hate it. Vault increase is now.

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