Diablo III Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Diablo 3

Ten years ago today, Diablo III released.

Blizzard is celebrating the anniversary by implementing a mid-season buff to bounties in Diablo III.

For the remainder of Season 26, all bounties will be doubled. By completing all five bounties in an Act, you’ll be rewarded with twice the Horadric Caches that you would normally received (based on your difficulty level).

Drop rates remain unchanged, but with more caches you have more chances to get bounty exclusive Legendary items.

While the bounty buff only last for the remainder of Season 26, Blizzard does have an announcement regarding Season 26’s popular Echoing Nightmare end-game activity.

The Echoing Nightmare will now be a permanent feature in Diablo III. For more on Echoing Nightmare, click here.

Smith’s Sentiment: I do need to return to Diablo III. The Echoing Nightmare looks like a fun addition to the game. Happy 10th to Diablo III.

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