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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Hotfix Notes

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Hotfix Patch Notes

It’s Thursday, and that means a new Weekly Rotation in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has begun alongside a new Hotfix.

These changes will be live on all platforms by 9:30 AM PT on May 5, 2022. To confirm that you have the most recent hotfix, check the News screen in-game on the Main Menu or Pause Menu for the article with the version number listed above. If you don’t see the article in the News section after the update is live, or if you see the previous version number, please Exit the Game and relaunch. Please submit bug reports and feedback to

Weekly Rotations:

Weekly Event! This in-game, limited-time mini-event will be active from May 5 to May 19 at 9:00 AM PT.

The Chaos Chamber’s Featured Run has been updated! A locally-sourced, artisanal run, handmade just for you. The Leaderboard have been reset. Will you top the charts this week?

Featured Runs are available in the Chaos Chamber after you’ve completed the main story, and rotate weekly every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. They’re the same for all players, so jump in and see how your run went compared to other Fatemakers!

Change Notes:

Class Adjustments:

We found that Stabbomancer and Clawbringer were not matching up with our damage expectations for higher Chaos Tiers. These are a few changes that we were able to release now, and we anticipate more changes based on what we’ve seen from the community in the future. We are continuing to monitor and investigate improvements to underperforming and overperforming classes and how they interact.



Gear Adjustments:

Warped Paradigm:

We found that the Warped Paradigm was increasing damage outside of the expected range that we balanced it for. We’ve adjusted it down slightly to make sure it wasn’t creeping too far out of those expectations.


Torgue (Manufacturer)

Hawkin’s Wrath


Reign of Arrows


The elemental effect chance was very low for how many projectiles get fired per shot. 

Die-Vergent (Coiled Captors)

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