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Today, April 25, 2022, LootPlex.com has officially launched.

A little over 11 years ago, on April 11, 2011, I launched a similar site called The Vortex Effect. It lasted until 2019 when a domain issue happened and I had to rebrand it Vortainment.

Earlier this month, I essentially shutdown Vortainment though it will remain visible for a little while longer.

LootPlex is what The Vortex Effect originally was, only it’s just me doing it now with no other staff.

TVE was a mostly gaming and wrestling oriented site, but also did entertainment news, some sports, and some politics. The site did okay.

Just months into the project, I was getting game, movies, and books to review. The site was thriving, the numbers were good. Then in September 2014, Destiny launched and it was mostly downhill from there.

As I spent most of my free time playing Destiny instead of working on the site, most of the content that was published on the site was about Destiny and later Destiny 2.

I lost interest in reviews, contacts in the industry dried up because I knew I didn’t care much about other games. I was hooked on Destiny and because of that, both TVE and Vortainment became primarily Destiny based.

Google certainly took notice of that. It became increasingly difficult to get any views on non-Destiny content.

Vortainment was doing fairly well, and I was able to make some money off it. But it was chugging along solely based off of people searching for Destiny stuff.

Well, I haven’t played or logged into Destiny 2 in over a month. I have no desire to do so anytime soon. I feel like an addict who has finally kicked the habit and gotten sober.

That has lead me to enjoying new games, like currently Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and WWE 2K22. It’s also given me a renewed interest in writing and wanting to run the site the way TVE was for the first few years.

So here we are, LootPlex.com. A clean break and a fresh start from its predecessor. Yes, I technically could have took Vortainment in this direction, but it would’ve taken a considerable amount of time and effort to climb out of that Destiny pigeon hole.

A fresh start with a new site from the ground up gives me a chance to build again on top of a fresh foundation. It also allows me to apply lessons learned from 11 years of TVE/Vortainment, and avoid the many mistakes that plagued it.

Reviews and opinion pieces, of columns if you prefer, will start being posted soon. Expect these to start slow and then start to ramp up once the site gets a little more established.

LootPlex will be primarily centered on gaming and wrestling. With that said, there will be some political stuff posted (both written by me and others). If you disagree with the politics or don’t care about it, it’s easy to ignore… just stay out of the Xtra category.

With that said, some stuff is still a work in progress, but from here on it we’ll do it live. If you like gaming and wrestling, stick around and hit that subscribe button.

Welcome to LootPlex.com!

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