Sope Dirisu Eyed for HBO Max’s Constantine Series

Sope Dirisu

According a report on The Illuminerdi, WB has found its John Constantine for the upcoming HBO Max series.

While not confirmed, the front runner is Sope Dirisu, who played in horror film His House and the British crime series Gangs of London amongst other credits.

The JJ Abrams produced Constantine series, with the working title Chimney, will focus on horror elements rather than religious ones.

Part of Abrams’ Justice League Dark Universe, the Constantine series will be written by U.K. author Guy Bolton.

Smith’s Sentiment: Ah yes, the continued blackwashing of established white characters because it’s the easiest way to check a diversity box. It would take creativity and originality to come up with a brand new character, and well Hollywood (and pretty much all media) is in short supply of both these days. Matt Ryan did a great job on the Constantine show and in the Arrow/League of Legends show, and well I have zero desire to watch this reboot.

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