Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Coiled Captors DLC Launch Trailer

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands DLC 1 Boss

Gearbox has released a launch trailer and some info regarding Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands first DLC, Coiled Captors, releasing this Thursday (April 21st).

Steel yourself as you travel through Vesper’s first Mirror of Mystery to bring a merciful end to an ancient god! Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Coiled Captors makes its debut on April 21, so get ready for this first chapter of post-launch content!

Eons ago, the Coiled naga got the biggest catch of all: an old god! They trapped the being within the sharp-toothed, leathery-skinned body of a mighty seawarg, caging it deep within an icy mountain. Only you have the power to free the humiliatingly named “Chums” from his fleshy prison—but doing so means wading through wintery wastelands, arid ruins, and flooding caverns full of enemies.

You’re caught in the middle of a raging battle between slithering Coiled and angered denizens of the briny deep. The only way out is through.

Step Through The Looking Glass

Coiled Captors offers a replayable dungeon challenge with a fearsome new boss. “Chums,” the elder god, has lost all sense of self and devolved into a rampaging beast after being trapped within a seawarg’s body for centuries. The only humane thing to do is put this mad god out of his misery, but one defeat won’t be enough: “Chums” has four powerful forms that will unlock over time, each one stronger than the last.

Coiled Captors is accessed via Vesper’s first Mirror of Mystery, which is found in the eerie Dreamveil Overlook, just outside of Brighthoof on the Overworld. The enemies within have a baseline level of 13, and will scale to your Fatemaker’s level beyond that.

Access to Coiled Captors and other Mirror of Mystery content is granted by the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Season Pass or individual purchase. The Season Pass itself is included in the Chaotic Great Edition and can also be purchased separately.

Can You Beat the Final Form?

For three consecutive weeks following the launch of Coiled Captors, “Chums” will take on an even mightier form once defeated. With each transformation, he’ll learn new attacks and abilities that’ll test the mettle of even the most stalwart Fatemakers. To make matters even more challenging, dying even once during your battle against “Chums” flings you back out of the mirror and onto your defeated, likely bruised butt. You’ll have to fight your way back through the entire dungeon if you’re hoping for a rematch.

Below is a planned schedule for when “Chums” takes on new, deadlier forms.* (Note that he’ll only grow into a new form if you’ve already defeated the previous one—and if you take on Coiled Captors after these dates have passed, you’ll still need to defeat all four forms in order to hear Vesper’s full story.)

First Form: 9:30 AM PT on April 21
Second Form: 9:30 AM PT on April 28
Third Form: 9:30 AM PT on May 5
Final Form: 9:30 AM PT on May 12

Spin the Wheel of Fate

Venturing into the Mirrors of Mystery means seizing more than mere glory—you’ll also be rewarded with plenty of loot! Slaying enemies therein will earn you Lost Souls, which you can then spend to spin the Wheel of Fate located in Dreamveil Overlook. Whatever space this vaguely evil-looking contraption lands on, you’ll get something valuable, such as a new weapon, gear, or a cosmetic to add to your collection.

Overcoming the challenges of Coiled Captors will also add its content to the pool of random possibilities in the endlessly replayable Chaos Chamber. All told, completing Coiled Captors will add five fresh level layouts and “Chums” himself to the list of chaotic variables.

Smith’s Sentiment: I am excited for this DLC drop, but also for the patch notes since this will be accompanied by the games first real post release patch (which is more substantial than hotfixes). We know that there are two additional tiers of loot above Chaotic and Volatile, however I don’t think we get one of those with this update. Seems more like a DLC 2 and 4 thing for me, but we’ll see. I’d be happy with a few more Chaos Levels to up the drop rate of Volatile gear before having to farm for better gear.

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