Collective Minds StrikePack FPS Dominator Review

Strike Pack FPS Dominator PS4 Review

Collective Minds StrikePack PS4 Review

I play A LOT of Destiny and I watch A LOT of Destiny being played. One thing you’ll quickly notice with most of the good streamers is that they use Scuf controllers, and thus have a slight advantage because paddles allow you to do things like jump while aiming. For those of us who can’t claw, paddles just make things easier. Unfortunately, the elite and Scuf controllers are relatively expensive for what they are, and not something everyone is going to want to jump on just for the sake of essentially two extra buttons (although those can have four paddles).

The good news is you don’t have to spend $150, or whatever, to buy those expensive controllers. The folks at Collective Minds have you covered with the StrikePack FPS Dominator for PS4 (and there’s a StrikePack for Xbox One too). This nifty little device connects to your standard PS4 controller and gives you two paddles (and mods if you’re into that sort of thing) for only $40, which is a steal and makes this the cheapest Scuf alternative you can get.

I know what you’re thinking, cheapest is not a good thing. I thought the same thing. But in playing with the Dominator for over three months now, I can say that this thing does the job it is intended to do very well. It connects to the controller with no problem, adds a little bit of bulk which is nice, ¬†and the paddles are positioned perfectly for me.

You don’t need a PC to map the buttons, doing it on the fly is a fairly simple process. However, it is easier to do it on the PC. You can download the mapper from their website, and you can also download an updater so that you can keep your Dominator up-to-date with the latest firmware.

Since I play a lot of Destiny, and use the Puppeteer setting in that game, I have the left paddle set to X (jump) and the right paddle I have set to R3 (slide, use the new class abilities in Destiny 2). Because the paddles are connected via simple magnetism, I often just pop the right paddle off on purpose as I don’t use it enough (maybe mapping Triangle to change weapons or Square to reload them would make more sense for me).

The ability to jump and maneuver around in the air without having to take your thumb off of the stick is super nice. And it helps. Of course if you’re a bad player, the ability to jump and aim isn’t going to help you any, but if you’re a competent player who can aim then having the ability to easily aim and jump around at the same time will lead to an improvement in your game. To that end, the FPS Dominator works fantastically. I don’t have a single issue with it.

PS4 StrikePack FPS Dominator

The device itself fits very well onto the Dualshock 4, and it adds a little bulk to the controller that just makes it feel nicer. It doesn’t get in the way and it’s easy to pop on and off.

Now it is a USB device, so you’re going to need to play with your DS4 connected to your PS4. That wasn’t a problem for me because I always played wired anyway. If you sit far away from your screen and play wirelessly, the good news is that the USB cable that comes with the Dominator is 10 feet long, which should be more than long enough for most people. The cable seems to be a custom one though, as none of the USB cables I have will fit into the slot on the device itself thanks to how deep it is (which is a good design since it stops the controller from resting on the connector itself).

Is the Strike Pack a “Scuf killer?” I can’t say because I’ve never used a Scuf, but it did make it so that I no longer wanted one. It’s held up very well and has given me zero issues thus far. I couldn’t care less about the mods, they aren’t especially useful for Destiny anyway, but the paddles are the main draw for this device anyway. It’s well worth $40, no doubt about it. If you’ve been wanting to use paddles on your DS4 but didn’t want to shell out $100+ for a Scuf, you should definitely consider picking up a Strike Pack.

With Destiny 2 less than three weeks away, and Call of Duty a couple of months away, now is the perfect time for any FPS fan to pick one up and still have enough time to get accustomed to it before the new releases drop (and it does take a week or two to fully get use to it). Although it should be noted that if you purchase this on Amazon, right now, it could take up to two to four weeks to ship. This changes from time to time; sometimes it ships in the normal Amazon time and others it might say a month. Bottom line, if you want one, go ahead and order it now because the wait can be extensive on Amazon.

Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator gets a four out of five: GREAT.

* Purchase your StrikePack FPS Dominator from Amazon for $39.99 by clicking here to use our Amazon Affiliate link. Using the link and making a purchase throws a few cents our way to help support the site.

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    1. Puppeteer puts your melee on R1 and makes R3 crouch/slide. So you can slide around when sprinting without taking your thumb off the right stick.

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