The Game Plan Review

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Review

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, stars as Joe Kingman, the quarterback of the fictional football team the Boston Rebels. Some folks who hate anything to do with professional wrestling view all of Dwayne Johnson’s films with disdain simply because he was once a wrestler. Some wrestling fans hate any Dwayne Johnson film simply because they’re bitter and feel betrayed that he’s not wrestling anymore. The majority of viewers however, likely like and dislike Johnson’s movies based on the quality of each movie and each performance. For instance, I think Dwayne’s performance in The Rundown absolutely sucked (as did the whole movie), yet I think he did an excellent job in The Game Plan. Like most actors, he’s hit and miss.

Johnson does a very good job of playing an egotistical, self-centered, think’s he hot stuff, athlete. The love Joe Kingman has for himself starts the film off with some humor, as you’ll probably be thinking “wow, he’s a self-absorbed ass”. And then the daughter he never knew he had shows up, and he slowly begins changing into a decent person. The aforementioned predictability of a Disney movie and their always prevalent life-lessons. All in all, Dwayne Johnson does a great job transitioning between the jerk and the loving father, with a good deal of kid-friendly humor in between.

Madison Pettis stars as the adorable daughter of Kingman, Peyton Kelly. Madison does an impressive job of portraying Peyton; a cute, smart, yet occasionally bratty little girl who loves to “Bedazzle” stuff. The duo of Johnson and Pettis was a nice pairing and the two worked well together, which is far more than can be said for most kids placed in starring roles in similar movies. Madison could have a bright future as a talented actress ahead of her.

Kyra Sedgwick is good in the role of Stella Peck, Kingman’s agent. Why? Because the character is a complete bitch, which is just how Sedgwick has always came off to me.

And then there’s the always lovely Roselyn Sanchez, who brings grace and beauty to Peyton’s ballet teacher and Kingman’s ending love interest, Monique Vasquez. Oh Roselyn, how I do love thee. Seriously though, Sanchez is great in the role and I really don’t know why she isn’t appearing in bigger movies… she’s hot and talented, how is she not a bigger star? The character of Monique Vasquez is one that you’ll welcome on your screen though, as opposed to Stella Peck and Kingman’s girlfriend Tatianna, both of whom will leave you either wanting to rip out your eyes or rip off your ears. Vasquez counters the ugliness of those two characters with charm and sweetness. And she makes a good ballerina as well.

If you’re looking for a clean, family-friendly comedy with a lot of laughs, you should definitely give The Game Plan a rent or simply add it to your DVD collection as it’s worthy of repeat viewing’s. I guarantee that you’ll have to laugh-out-loud at Joe Kingman’s allergic reaction to the cinnamon Peyton put in some cookies. Hilarious scene. It is what it is, and it is a Disney comedy made for kids and families. And that’s really all it needs to be. A charming, funny and clean family movie.

The Game Plan gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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