Stargate SG1 – Season 2 Review

Stargate SG1

Stargate SG1 Season 2 Review

The second season of SG-1 began with a great episode (“The Serpent’s Liar”) that wrapped up the cliffhanger from the first season. Unfortunately, the episodes that followed were disappointing. They weren’t bad, but the next three episodes (“In The Line of Duty,” “Prisoners,” and “The Gamekeeper”) just weren’t exciting.

Most people would probably classify the fifth episode (“Need”) in that same category, but I am such a fan of Michael Shanks that any episode that he is a focus of is “good” to me.

Things picked up a bit with “Thor’s Chariot” (which had a spectacular ending), but fell off again with the next episode, “Message In A Bottle,” that I feel to be one of the worst episodes in the entire Stargate franchise. Coincidentally, the second half of the season contains two other episodes that I’d rank amongst the worst in the Stargate franchise: “Spirits” and “One False Step.”

Outside of the season opener, season two did have some other great episodes though. “Secrets” was a standout episode, and the season did have a really two-parter to split the season with “The Tokra,” which gave Earth a much needed ally. Other really good to great episodes from this season are “The Fifth Race,” “A Matter of Time,” “Holiday,” “Serpent’s Song,” “Show And Tell,” and “1969 (the great time travel episode).”

Unfortunately, the season finale was very disappointing. Yes it was a cliffhanger, but the episode itself (as well as the follow up to start season three) was just very bland. Looking back on Stargate as a whole, the mid-season and season finales were almost always great, but season two ended disappointingly. And really, the follow up to season one’s great “Hathor” episode should not have been this mediocre.

All in all, season two of Stargate SG-1 is amongst the worst seasons in the show’s history, but even so it has more than enough good to great episodes to be a worthwhile purchase for fans that aren’t die-hard fans of the show. Obviously, us die-hard Stargate fans will already have all the seasons.

Stargate SG1 Season 2 gets a three out of five: SATISFYING.

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